When taking Radiancy, do you still need to moisturize your skin?

Our answer depends on a few things: whether you have any underlying conditions, your current skin condition and whether it'll be subjected to harsh conditions.

If you have any underlying medical conditions, and you are moisturizing your skin to control them as advised by a healthcare professional, we strongly recommend continuing as advised. Radiancy is not a replacement for medical treatment and advice.

Otherwise, if your skin is in decently good health and not going to be subjected to a harsh environment, then you may not need to take extra measures to moisturize it.

If your skin is quite dry or going to be subjected to hot and harsh environment, you may want to moisturize your skin to enhance Radiancy's effects. Radiancy works naturally from the inside out, so it may take some time. And when it does, it bring out its full effects for the long term.

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