Do you have a loyalty rewards program? How do I redeem my points?

We have introduced a brand-new REWARDS program... 

Where you can redeem FREE bottles for being with us! Here's what you can get:
  • 1 FREE bottle worth $49 - 4000 points
  • 2 FREE bottles worth $98 - 7300 points
  • 3 FREE bottles worth $120 - 8000 points
This is to specially thank you and all the ladies who have supported Better Body Co. in our journey to help women worldwide lead better, healthier lives!

Follow These 3 Easy Steps To Earn Points & Redeem Rewards

Step 1: Visit this link

Step 2: If you already have an account with us, sign in as per normal. If you don't have one yet, click on "Join Now"  & create one. (It'll take less than a minute!)

registering for Better Body Rewards

Step 3: After logging in, click on the "gift icon" on the bottom right again. If you don't see your points credited, try refreshing the page or wait for a while. It may take up to a minute to update.
 And that's it! You're all set :)
 You can also watch our quick 1 minute video tutorial below to get started. 

Head on to to get started now.

How To Redeem Rewards & Earn Even More Points

Once you are set up, this is what you'll see:

Better Body Rewards window

Click on "Ways to Earn" to see all the easy ways you can earn more points:

Ways to earn

Click on "Ways to redeem" to see the awesome rewards you've unlocked -- and see how near you are to unlocking the next milestone:

Ways to redem

When you want to redeem your reward, simply click on the "View" and "Redeem" button…
 And a discount code will appear for you to use on your next purchase.
 Simply copy the code, and use it during checkout at our online store :)

Coupon redeemed

And that’s pretty much it!
Juicy rewards.
Just the way we like it :) 

And It Gets Even Better...

For most customers - when you spend $1 on any product at Better Body’s shop, you will receive 10 points

However, if subscribe to our autoship, you automatically enter our VIP club where you will receive X1.5 more! This means for every $1 spent, you will receive 15 points

Head on to to get started now!

In case the 400 points isn’t reflected in the rewards menu, simply log out, REFRESH the page & log in again.

If this still doesn’t work, drop us an email at, and we’ll get it sorted out as soon as we can :)

Hope you’ll enjoy the rewards!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What exactly can I use the points on?

You can use on any product in our store (eg. Provitalize probiotics, Previtalize prebiotics, Radiancy collagen). But note they can be used on only non-autoship subscription products.

2. I got an error when using my coupon?

If you see an error when applying your rewards coupon, you may have an autoship product in cart which will trigger the system to show an error. Do remove the autoship from your cart and try applying again.

3. Will my old redeemed discount coupons be affected?

Coupons that were already created (which you means you already have a SMILEXXXXXXX coupon code) will not be affected by any future update. We do recommend using them before they expire.

4. Will my current points balance be changed?

Your points will only be deducted when you use them to redeem rewards, or when you are issued a refund.

5. Will the coupons expire?

Coupons will expire in 6 months from the date they were redeemed.

6. How do I access my redeemed coupon again?

If you have redeemed your rewards previously and are trying to access again, simply login to your account > click on "Your rewards" at the top > click again on your relevant reward to see the code.

7. How else can I earn points besides purchasing?

You can also earn points from sharing our website on Facebook and Twitter! Simply go inside the Bettter Body Rewards window > click on "Ways To Earn" > click on the method you want.

Head on to to get started now!

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